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How To Create A Facebook Page

One of the best examples of the power of putting in the work upfront comes from the airline industry. In terms of power, it takes 110 percent of rated power for a jet to get its wheels off the ground. But once it reaches 30,000 feet, the pilot can throttle back to 70 percent of power and still cruise at 600 miles per hour.

It's even better for setting up your Facebook marketing strategy. You're going to spend a couple hours setting up your Facebook page, learning how to manage it, and then you can throttle back to less than 30 minutes of work each month to make sure you're getting 100% of the benefits.

Your first step is to create a Facebook page. If you already have one please feel free to skip to the next module.

There are many online resources that teach you how to setup a company Facebook page. Rather than recreate the wheel, please watch this easy to follow video on how to do it:

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