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How To Get People To "Like" Your Facebook Page

Getting people to "like" their dry cleaning company on Facebook isn't easy, but definitely not rocket science.

There are two main rules that you should always follow as you manage your page:
  1. Don't be scammy
  2. Share interesting things

No one wants to browse through their Facebook feed to see constant ads all day. They're there to have fun and connect with others. You can build your brand and connect at the same time, but first you need an audience.

To build an audience you need other people to "like" your page. The natural first step is to tell your friends and family to "like" you. You can do this through your personal Facebook page or by email. Just make sure to provide the link to your page.

Now that you've taken care of the low hanging fruit, your next step is to entice your customers to do the same. The easiest way for dry cleaners is to offer a one-time discount or free garment cleaning if customers show you on their phone that they've "liked" your page. You could either place a sign in your store with the promotion or instruct your staff to offer this over the counter.

It's important to get "likes" from current customers for two reasons:
  1. Your current customers are the most likely to share one of your posts with their group of friends---therefore increasing your brand awareness and the likelihood of more "likes".
  2. Your current customers are your most likely source of sales increases if you teach them more about the services you offer and the frequency they should use to clean their garments.

Once you've captured as many "likes" from current customers as you can, then you can try more advanced strategies to reach non-customers. Watch the video below for my favorite tactic:

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