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How To Manage Your Facebook Page

Managing a Facebook page is easy, but can be time consuming. Below I'll outline the type of content you should be posting and how to make it so your followers share what you post.

To understand what you need to post on your Facebook page, you have to start with your customers. When they go to Facebook what are they looking for? Easy entertainment of course!

So, the majority of your posts should be fun, interesting, and shareable. Think about what you click on when you're on Facebook. If you do this enough, then maybe your customers will be more likely to take you up on a promotion you're running.

At the beginning of this course we mentioned that we'd take the information in dozens of marketing books and distill it to apply only to dry cleaners. Without any fluff, here are the rules you need to follow to succeed on Facebook:

  • Post once per week or once per month
  • Share:
    • Interesting or funny articles you find online that relate to your business or the industry
    • "Jack Handy" words of wisdom. Good quotes that share your values tend to be re-shared often.
    • Pictures of fun garments that customers bring in to be dry cleaned (keep the customer anonymous of course)
    • Tips on how to take care of popular garments
    • Pictures of garments that were accidentally ruined by customers and what they can do to prevent it. 
  • Keep track of which posts get shared on Facebook and reuse them 6-12 months later with different wording. 
  • Make small talk---comment back on what your followers write on your posts.

That's it. Dozens of marketing specialists have written books on the subject but it essentially boils down to this. As Warren Buffett always says, keep it simple! 

DLI's Effortless Social Media Program

While the principles to social media marketing are simple, implementation can be difficult for dry cleaners who are already short on time. 

To solve this problem DLI has created the "Effortless Social Media" service. With this service you'll no longer have to spend time looking for content to post on your site---DLI will do it for you. You'll still have to manage the comments your followers post on your page, but the time-consuming process is eliminated.

The service will post interesting or fun content on your company's Facebook page once per week automatically---no management required. The only posts you'll have to supply would be any sales promotions your store is running. Everything else is automated. 

The "Effortless Social Media" program is available for FREE to DLI's Silver, Gold, or Premier members.  Call our staff to upgrade your membership at 1-800-638-2627.  

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