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Free Webpage Offers Invaluable Benefit to DLI Members

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Somewhere a customer is searching for a drycleaner in her city. The yellow pages have been recycled long ago, the newspaper subscriptions have been cancelled. She's searching Google on her smartphone for the information she wants. If you're not on the web, she won't find you, but she'll probably find another cleaner nearby.

Websites can be expensive, confusing, and time-consuming to create. Many drycleaners lack an online presence even though more than two thirds of all Americans are now using the World Wide Web on a regular basis. The Yellow Pages are rapidly fading into antiquity along with rotary dial phones and even landlines. In response to this continuing trend, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute is offering free website creation and hosting to all members. This service gives all members a web presence customers can find easily when they search for dryclaners in their city. The service offers a free domain, page creation, and implementation, all of which can rack up great expenses quickly. 

"It's very important for all small businesses to be on the web in this day and age," said DLI CEO Mary Scalco. "This program is an ambitious attempt to help those companies who haven't been able to make themselves available to the general public online. All members are entitled to a site of their own through this program and we are sure it will drive traffic to these stores. Best of all, we're able to offer this service for free to members. We want members to have every edge available and this program allows us to promote their services to the general public in an entirely new way."

To provide the service, DLI will create websites for participating DLI member drycleaners free of charge. The service grants cleaners a free domain and free hosting for the duration of membership in DLI. A lapse in membership could result in the loss of the site from DLI’s server.

DLI's Membership Department will provide the information necessary to get started with the creation of member sites. Members are invited to contact the Institute at 800-638-2627 to discuss the creation of their web presence. Members choose the design, provide some basic information and in a very short time will have a fully-functioning website.


To sign up or for more information on DLI membership, call DLI at 800-638-2627.


Posted By Harry Kimmel | 6/28/2016 9:18:09 AM

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