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Color Loss, Fabrics

Color Loss Streaks in Denim

steaked denim

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 7/27/2016 10:41:59 AM

Leather Damage


Q: I clean a lot of leather and suede and normally don’t have many problems. Lately, though, we are seeing a fair number of garments that have thin areas or actual tears after even the most careful cl...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 7/19/2016 1:03:30 PM

Rug Damage

Damaged Rug

Q: I washed a small rug in the machine. The fringe on the ends ripped off. How shall I explain this to my customer? A: Frequently small rugs and runners are brought to the dry cleaner for cleaning. Th...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 7/14/2016 9:07:16 AM
Customer Service, Fabrics

Cushion Covers


Q: I just drycleaned two cushion covers off of my best customer’s very expensive sofa and they shredded around the edges. She said the sofa was new, but the damage looks like “dry rot” from old age to...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 7/12/2016 10:20:19 AM
Customer Service

Poison Ivy

poison ivy

Q: I was asked to clean some garments that were worn by a person with poison ivy. How do I clean these garments and what precautions should I take? A: Both drycleaning and laundering are acceptable cl...

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 7/5/2016 2:19:01 PM


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