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DLI is with You All the Way

DLI works to protect the industry every day by getting ahead of government initiatives that impact professional cleaners and marshaling the industry to share feedback. By leading the charge, DLI offers simple ways for professional cleaners to engage with their elected representatives. 

Peace of Mind for Drycleaners

DLI members operate their businesses with peace of mind. Members are only a click or call away from getting expert advice when things take an unexpected turn. DLI’s staff and network of drycleaning educators and professionals, legal and human resources experts, marketing professionals, and successful businesspeople is ready to help members tackle any challenge.

Aiding Professional Cleaners Since 1883

Times change but our values remain the same. When drycleaning was new, a group of professional cleaners gathered in the United States to form the industry’s first trade association. Their intention was to help other cleaning professionals succeed by sharing their knowledge and best practices they discovered through trial and error. Now, 139 years later, DLI honors those values by bringing member cleaning professionals together and sharing as much information as possible to help everyone succeed. 

More Than a Trade Association & School

In 1927, DLI founded its School of Drycleaning Technology. At the time a full drycleaning education took three months. Over the years DLI fine-tuned its courses to get them down to three weeks: five-day introductory course and a ten-day advanced course. DLI is now offering courses with a blend of remote learning and in-person practical experience to help cleaning professionals learn while taking fewer days away from their business.  

Services for Every Cleaning Business

DLI understands different businesses achieve their goals in different ways. DLI offers several membership plans to be accessible to all professional garment care business owners. All plans include access to DLI’s new DLI Stimulus Package, Garment Analysis Lab, discounted School of Drycleaning Technology Courses, free HR & legal advice, and more. DLI is headquartered in the United States and serves cleaners in nations around the globe. DLI offers International Memberships for cleaners outside the United States. Dli also offers Allied Trade Memberships for industry manufacturers and suppliers. 

Celebrating All DLI Members 

DLI leaders and staff value the industry’s trust and work relentlessly to help better the conditions in which your business operates, offer training to help you form the best-trained team in your area, and give the benefit of nearly 150 years of accumulated professional cleaning research. DLI is a not-for-profit membership organization. Dues dollars are used to help members by maintaining DLI’s focus on YOU - our valued members - and newcomers to DLI.
DLI is not a closed society. Any cleaning professinal can join DLI and benefit from the knowledge and industry-wide network DLI has amassed.

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