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Shaded Areas on Coats and Outerwear

Due to multi-layered fabrics in coats and outerwear, shaded areas or streaks may appear after the item is drycleaned.

This damage may be caused by several factors. In some cases, non-volatile residues such as excess detergents or sizings, may be present during cleaning and can deposit on the garment. If the non-volatile residues remain on the fabric during drying, this type of staining will occur.

Damage of this type may also occur due to the presence of filling materials. Thick areas that have filling may retain solvent longer than thinner areas, such as the shell fabric. When the damp filling contacts the dry shell fabric, it may “wet-out” the shell and cause a localized, shaded spot. This type of damage may be prevented by extending the drying time for these items to ensure that the filling is completely dry. Improper classification or overloading of the machine may also contribute to streaks and shaded areas.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 1/14/2019 9:30:32 AM

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