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Cleaning Sheer Fabrics

Sheer Fabrics

Blouses, dresses, scarves, and draped-over foundation evening dresses made of sheer fabrics present special challenges for professional cleaners.

Sheer fabrics can often be found in prom and wedding gowns.

Chiffon includes transparent, veiling, sheer fabrics with high-yarn twist for strength. Georgette is a very fine, lightweight, dull-textured fabric made with a crepe weave. Voile is a sheer, light, thin, transparent cloth that consists of two length-wise yarns twisted together.

These types of fabrics present some challenges when cleaning. Dimensional stability is limited, even with the application of sizings and finishes. Trims, zippers, Velcro®, hooks, or other fasteners should be covered to prevent snagging or abrasion of the sheer fabric during cleaning.

To minimize agitation during the care process, place the item in a net bag and clean on a short cycle with a high solvent level. Classify in a load with other lightweight articles to prevent uneven drying that can result in streaks and swales. Extract lightly to minimize yarn shifting. Remove the article promptly after the drying cycle to prevent heat-set wrinkles.

During finishing, avoid stretching and pulling or the yarns may distort, particularly on bias-cut garments. Puff irons and form finishers, as well as the use of double-faced flannel on the buck of the utility press, are necessary to provide a top-quality finish on many sheer garments.

For more information on processing sheer fabrics, consult Fibers & Fabrics No. 529 "Sheer Fabrics" in DLI's Drycleaning Encyclopedia App. Learn more at

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 3/13/2019 9:39:35 AM

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