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Embossed Fabrics

Embossed Fabric

Embossed fabrics contain three-dimensional, raised designs that are “pressed” into the fabric through the use of heated, etched, or engraved plates or rollers. Resins or other finishes are often applied to give the embossed design permanency. Before the introduction of resin finishes, embossing lacked durability, but with resins it is possible to produce cotton and other cellulose fabrics with durable embossing.

Many embossed fabrics cannot withstand stain removal with wetside agents without experiencing a loss of the embossed design. For this reason, it is important to determine if an item is able to withstand wetside stain removal prior to treatment. This is done by applying water or steam to an unexposed area of the fabric then flushing it out and drying the fabric. If the embossed design remains, wetside agents can be used without threat of damage. However, if the design looks faint or is harder to see or completely gone, wetside agents cannot be used safely.

For more information on Embossed Fabrics, please see the following bulletins in DLI's Drycleaning Encyclopedia App or online in the Members Only Section:

  • Fabrics & Fashions (FF) 549: Embossed/Wrinkled Look Fabrics
  • Technical Analysis Bulletin Service (TABS) 411: Loss of Embossed Design
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