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Coffee Stains

Coffee Stain

Q: How do you remove a coffee stain from a 100-percent cotton garment?

A: Coffee stains appear as absorbed tan or brown stains with an irregular edge. These stains can usually be removed by wetting the fabric with steam or water and then applying neutral synthetic detergent. Tamp and flush. If the stain remains, try using 28% acetic acid or tannin formula, followed by a rust remover. Do not tamp, and flush thoroughly.

If the stain is not removed after this process, you may try using an oxidizing bleach such as hydrogen peroxide. Before using, test all stain removal agents or bleach to make sure they are safe for the fabric and color.

It is important that all stain removal agents be flushed from the area and that the garment be thoroughly dried before cleaning. This will prevent color loss or redeposition of any impurities that might be in the solvent, especially on cotton, linen, wool, silk, or ramie fibers.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 5/15/2019 11:54:05 AM

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