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Oily Stains on Printed Garments

Spotting Board

The stain removal procedure for oily stains is one of the easiest to remember. This is true mainly because there are only two stain removal agents used: volatile dry solvent and oily-type paint remover.

Although both the volatile dry solvent and the oily-type paint remover can remove the oily stain with ease, both of the agents can cause a removal of the print, as well, leaving behind a bald or bare area where the printed color previously resided.

Therefore, it is critical that you test each of these stain removal agents before you use them. Test the agents by applying a small amount of the agent to the fabric in an unexposed area. Gently rub back and forth over the area with the corner of a white towel or handkerchief. If the color transfers to the towel or handkerchief, then that agent cannot be used.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 7/29/2019 9:55:41 AM

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