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Yarn Slippage

Yarn Slippage

Yarn slippage is the actual slipping or shifting of one set of yarns over the yarns in the opposite direction.

Sometimes, this shifting will show up as almost straight lines; in other cases, it may be very wavy. If the item is an extremely tight fit, excessive stress and strain occurs during wear. It is not always possible to adequately predict what will happen during normal use and care on any fabric, even sheer or loosely woven fabrics.

Sometimes placing the fabric between the thumb and finger and lightly drawing them across the fabric can simulate the fabric damage. If the yarns tend to slip and shift with this simple test, it may be an indication that severe yarn slippage will occur during later use or a care process. However, sizings applied to the fabric during manufacturing may help anchor the yarns somewhat.

Once the sizings are altered or removed during wear or cleaning, yarn slippage and distortion can readily develop. In some cases, yarn slippage will be mistaken for dye bleeding, especially on printed fabrics or fabrics with multicolored yarns.

Counter personnel should closely examine sheer fabrics when the customer drops the garment off for cleaning.

Check the underarm, elbow, seat, or other area of stress for possible shifting of the yarns. Check the rear seam of a skirt or dress, especially if it is a straight skirt or one that is likely to fit the customer rather snugly.

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