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The restaurant industry seems to be getting all the limelight on their struggles during the pandemic but our industry is suffering as well!  This letter and attention-getting idea for our industry was developed by the National Cleaners Association. DLI and NCA agree that the more cleaners who promote this idea, the more impact it can have for our industry. Let’s put as much support behind this as we can so when other relief measures are introduced our industry is top of mind as well.

Remember to contact members of congress both where you live and where your store is located.

To find your local congress members click here.

- Sample Letter -

Dear Representative:

Drycleaners have become the forgotten small main street business.

We are essential to those actively in the workforce who are not working from home. We are essential to front line workers with a dress code. Sadly, the covid pandemic has reduced these numbers to a small percentage of the population.

The vast majority of our customers come to us to clean the clothes they wear outside their homes – to restaurants, entertainment venues, special events like weddings, proms, holiday parties, church services, funerals and when going on vacation, to the office. Tragically, the virus response has curtailed all those activities. As a result, drycleaners like me are suffering financial losses to the same, or perhaps greater, extent as the restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment industries. We need similar assistance.  

Keep in mind also that for these industries there is in fact a pent-up demand for services that will result in a quick recovery for them once the pandemic is over.

However, drycleaners will not recover so quickly. We will benefit from the resumption of a pre-pandemic social life, but the return to career wear and the workplace will be slower, and quite possibly will never rebound to 2019 levels.

This is all to say, that the level of assistance being offered to help small businesses like restaurants should also be available to drycleaners. We are the ones who for generations have been sponsoring and supporting activities in the community – from little leagues to food or clothing drives. We deserve equal treatment but more importantly, we must have it to survive.

I am asking you as my representative to help us and our employees make it to the other side of this pandemic. Without more assistance we are doomed, our employees will be out of work and our communities will be faced with an empty storefront and a diminution in both services and quality of life.

Please reach out to me with any questions or comments you may have regarding our plight and how you can help. I am relying on you.
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