Your Business Is Essential in the Fight Against COVID-19

DLI is closely monitoring the development of the coronavirus pandemic. DLI’s top priority is the health and well-being of our members and their customers.

As the coronavirus spreads and concerns about public health grow, state governors are mandating that non-essential businesses close to help reduce the spread of the virus. Based on information from the CDC and WHO, it is believed that professional drycleaning and laundry operations can help contain the spread of the virus because the heat and chemistry of the professional cleaning process is known to kill germs.

The Coin Laundry Association has spearheaded a movement asking professional coin laundry operators to contact their state governors to explain that their businesses are essential and should stay open to help combat this threat. DLI agrees with this strategy and invites all drycleaners to do the same. See below for the sample letter we prepared for your use. Just follow this link ( to choose your state or territory. After you choose your area and click “Go” contact information will load in your web browser about how to contact your Governor. Copy and paste the sample letter below to share it with your Governor. 

DLI recommends not waiting on this initiative. It will be far more difficult to get a decision reversed than it is to get ahead of this and convince officials that your business is critical. Many members have listed the fact they clean uniforms for first responders like fire departments and police officers as part of their case for staying open. You keep them safe so they can keep your community safe. 

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Sample Letter Text

Dear Governor ___________,
My name is            , and I own a Drycleaners in              , I’m reaching out to you to ask that drycleaners be deemed “essential” businesses as the state or city considers possible business closures in response to the Covid-19 situation.

Clean clothes are a matter of public health and hygiene—, especially during this critical situation. This is a valuable service drycleaners offer their customers—both drycleaning and laundering in many cases.  There are many garments that the public wears that cannot be cleaned successfully at home. Customers spend little time in the store dropping off and picking up their garments and many drycleaners offer route service for pick-up and delivery at the home.  

As a business that interfaces with the public, we have increased the necessary store cleaning procedures to protect both our customers and our staff. 


Please consider allowing drycleaners in continuing to provide this “essential” service to our community.  If you have any questions I will be more than happy to talk with you or your staff.


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